Renovation Log


Renovation Log #6: October 16, 2006

The house is nearly complete!!! With exception to some touch up painting the outside of the house is just about complete. The “X” railing has been installed on the porch, and the new lattice work has been put on also. The side staircase is in place and is awaiting a paint job. On the inside, final touches are being put on the staircase and the spindles are being painted. The sink has been installed in the kitchen along with the checkered tile, and the wood paneling has been painted. As the final couple weeks of renovation come to a close, the second floor bathing will be getting tiled and a donated claw foot tub will be installed. House will then get a complete cleaning from top to bottom and the floors will then get one final coating.


Renovation Log #5: September 1, 2006

All new siding has been put up and painting has begun. The first coat of paint has been applied to the outside and the inside. Some green trim work has also begun on the outside. Work on the structure of the porch has also been started. The porch had to be jacked up a few inches. The original pillars have been removed and new ones will replace those. The porch itself is also starting to get its makeover. Parts on the porch have been torn out and soon will be replaced with all new wood. Work will continue on the porch and the siding in the next few weeks in order to complete its look.

The hardwood floors have been put in, sanded and stained. The temporary staircase has been removed and the permanent one has replaced it. Still to come for the inside, will be more painting, the trim will be installed and painted also. More work will also be continuing on the staircase.

Renovation Log #4: August 8, 2006

Work has been moving along smoothly over the past couple months, mostly center around the interior walls. Drywall has now been put up in replace of the plaster walls that were taken down in order go get new wiring and plumbing in the house. The house also recieved new modern insulation. The drywall marks the completion of the interior rough woork. The next step will be to sand the walls down, and get them primed for painting. Once the painting is complete flooring on both stories is will be installed.

Turning to the outside, all the new windows have been put in and framing around the windows is being worked on. The next step for the outside is to start on the new siding.

Renovation Log #3: May 22, 2006

Spring is in full swing in the Cleveland area. So with the nice weather work has shifted to the outside of the house. The once blue vinyl sided house is now cover it a house wrap. The original wood siding still visible is some parts of the house has been taken off and will be replaced with new wood siding. The porch is starting to get its make over also. The once solid vinyl railings have been removed and soon the “X” frame railing that were there in the movie will be going in.

Now although most of the work has shifted to the outside the inside is not being ignored. The new wiring, plumbing and duct work is almost at completion and the newly installed staircase is coming along nicely. There are just a few things that still need to be done on the inside, when those things are done new walls will be going up.

Renovation Log #2: February 9,2006

One full dumpster has been removed and a second dump truck of debris has also been taken away. Some more walls have cam down and a new bathroom entrance has been added. Two support beams have been added for the ceiling, so now the staircase can be started. The framework for the staircase has been started and the floor on the second story has been added for the top of the staircase.

Renovation Log #1: January 30, 2006

Renovation has started on the house. The dumpster arrived and it did not take long to fill it up. Walls have been removed and a hole cut into the ceiling for the staircase. Once the structure is secured they will proceed with the staircase.

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