Couple spend night in ‘A Christmas Story’ house

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CLEVELAND – What’s it worth to spend a night in the ‘A Christmas Story’ house? A Seymour, Indiana couple shelled out thousands of dollars for the honor.

“If you want something and you want to do something you just go for it,” says Lonny Kincaid. “Spending $5800, this is really nothing for us we do other things that people say man I wouldn’t have done that.”

Lonny and Angela Kincaid say they were beat out at first.”We got an email saying that the people who bid us up, that they weren’t going to take it.”

There are other gifts included for the winners of the Christmas Stay Auction, like tickets to Winter Waterland at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, dinner at Horseshoe Casino and items from the ‘A Christmas Story House’ gift shop.

“We can actually sleep in Randy and Raphie’s bed if we wanted to,” says Angela, although she admits they’ll sleep in the queen bed available in the apartment above the house.

“This movie means a lot to me so being here to experience it is a dream come true,” says Lonny.

All proceeds from the stay go to charity and will pay for restoration and upkeep of homes in the Tremont neighborhood.

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