Two holiday classic movies collided: A Christmas Story House & Museum has  “gone Griswold” and bedecked in thousands twinkle lights to celebrate the 20th anniversary of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. To commemorate, A Christmas Story House gift shop will sell replica moose mugs, just like the ones that Clark and Cousin Eddie toasted.

Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold Moose Mug

A Christmas Story House adorned in thousand of lights.

Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation

Notice that even the Santa is in the front yard.

Christmas Vacation A Christmas Story House Lights
Bob Cox winner of The Griswold Contest plugging in the lights on A Christmas Story House.
Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs
Clark W. Griswold would be proud!


Christmas Vaction Clark Griswald House

Clark Griswold’s House from Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Vaction House Clark Griswold


Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

Eggnog from a Moose Mug!  What a wonderful Christmas memory!

Christmas Vacation Marty Moose Mug

Replica Moose Mugs are available in our gift shop.

Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs

“Cheers Clark!”

Cousin Eddie in bathrobe bath robe

Who wouldn’t want to toast Eggnog with their cousin!?

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