TJ Johns in the Bunny Suit

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Good afternoon,

When my family and I visited the A Christmas Story House back in July, I had a wonderful idea. Every year, my place of employment has a costume party on Halloween. I told my wife it would be fun to go as Ralphie in the bunny suit. She agreed it would be hilarious. But, where would we find said costume? We agreed we would have to make it. That means, SHE would have to make it.

So, I had yet another reason to watch the movie…for “research” this time. J Then I began looking for the perfect fabric and other materials needed to replicate Ralphie’s loathed Christmas gift. When I would find the right fabric, it was either ridiculously expensive or there was not enough in stock. So, literally the week before Halloween I found the perfect fabric, at the best price, and at the oddest place. I found it at the local Kroger grocery store. They had pink fleece-type throws with just the right amount of plush to give the right look.

So, I bought about 4 or 5 of them and Sharon went to work, sewing like crazy. Attached is the coolest costume I think I have ever worn. I even bought myself a pair of glasses and cracked the left lens for authenticity. Of course, “Old Blue” was by my side.

It is such a cool costume that just last week I bought a mannequin, so I can put it on display for the holidays. It will definitely be near the Leg Lamp…which will be prominently displayed in the front window.

TJ Johns

ralphie bunny suit

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