TRAIL LOGO3dnewtiltAs you travel along the 14 authentic filming sites of The Shawshank Trail, you can touch and feel the places Andy and Red did. Feel the same hope Andy talked about while you explore Shawshank Prison, or walk down the same road as Red on his way to Fort Hancock, Texas.

The Shawshank Trail is truly one of a kind for fans. You can start where you want and end where you want because you’re in the driver’s seat! The Trail was made for people who love the movie just as much as you do. Begin your journey on The Shawshank Trail with the driving tour brochure, which includes information about each of the 14 filming sites and directions. Make a weekend out of your adventure with our travel packages and grab some food for the road at one of the souvenir sites along the Trail.

You’ve seen the gang’s original adventure, now it’s time to finish your own. Don’t let your love of The Shawshank Redemption end once the movie is over. Experience it for yourself!