A Christmas Story 2

A Christmas Story 2 DVD Cover

This time out Ralphie is a teenager. He no longer yearns for a Red Ryder BB gun, but now desperately wants a new toy for Christmas – a 1938 Hupmobile Skyline Convertible. There are a few things that haven’t changed: Triple dog dares, and the fact that The Old Man is still obsessed with fishnet-stocking-adorned leg lamps.  

Like the original, the sequel is based on the writing of  Jean Shepherd.  Shepherd’s stories about the Parker family have actually been used several times in much lesser-known movies: A Christmas Story was made into a sequel in 1994′s My Summer Story (also known as It Runs in the Family), starring Kieran Culkin, Charles Grodin and Mary Steenburgen.  PBS also aired a series of three television movies based on Shepherd’s stories including Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss.

Trivia Fun Fact:A Christmas Story was the original inspiration for the format of the hit television show The Wonder Years.  Daniel Stern, who plays the dad in A Christmas Story 2 was the voice of the adult Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years.