January 18th, 2010 by Ralphie

In November, a custom made table was made to hold all my Christmas Story ornaments and gifts.
My family said “I needed it”.
Note that the tree topper is the Leg Lamp Nightlight.
Also, Leg Lamp cookies from last years’ Cleveland Convention, for ornaments.
Unknown to me, the real surprise was yet to come at our family gathering on Christmas evening!
I was given a telegram before opening gifts, that my Major Award was to be delivered soon.
The door bell rang, and guess what was being delivered to the Davis’s?
A friend, Cliff,  with a cigar and cart like in the movie, did a great job
acting out the part and delivering the FAMOUS LEG LAMP, with “FRAGILE” on the box.
A real surprise! (My husband was in on it, too!)
For the  very first time living here for 42 years, the curtains and blinds were pulled open to show
my “Major Award” Christmas gift.
And yes, the neighbors gathered just like the movie…….awing and looking!
Now, we sit in our living room, with the warm glow of Electric Sex gleaming through our front window!
A “Ralphie Fan”.      Rose Davis in Ashtabula, Ohio
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

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