La Habra Chamber of Commerce A Christmas Story

December 22nd, 2008 by Ralphie

The La Habra Chamber of Commerce was decorated with A Christmas Story theme with special curtains and a Leg Lamp in the window. At our Christmas party Dec 17 we raffled off the Leg Lamp (A Major Award), a Red Ryder BB air rifle and assorted themed prizes. Attached are some pictures during the celebration leading up to the party and the Leg Lamp being picked up. It was a Major Success!
The pictures say it all. We had fun.
Mark Sturdevant, Executive Director
La Habra Area Chamber of Commerce
La Habra California 90631
(562) 697-1704
Finally the Leg arrives, set-up and being admired by the Exec. Director (kind of looks like an old Ralphie.) It was incredibly beautiful!
la habra chamber of commerce
There is sat in full display for all the world (La Habra) to see. Some on-lookers almost forgot they were driving but no accidents.
It was quite the buzz in this North Orange County, California town of 60,000
Re-opening the box marked “Fragile,” he thinks its Italian, the winner John Duenas admires his Major prize!
Shelly - ready for her own “A Christmas Story” marathon with cookies and goodies
to make. Let’s hope her neighbor’s dogs don’t eat it. She was very excited.
Two of our top elves Scott and Bobbi Olson kept things moving.
Alas, the Executive Director Mark Sturdevant who played the part
of the ole man (and Ralphie in his heart)
wished all, “a very Merry Christmas Story of their own.
Just don’t shoot your eye out!”

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