Pictures from the Smith Family

December 11th, 2008 by Ralphie


I would like to share some pictures with everyone.  The first is our leg lamp shown proudly in our living room window.  We had talked about it several times about how it would be neat to have a leg lamp.  Finally we broke down and just did it.  We have had many comments about where did we get it.  It is really neat that people can relate the movie to this lamp.  The other two pictures are of our village made by Dept 56 A Christmas Story Scene.  We purchase the new buildings or figurines every year.  Some people have normal village scenes, but it would not be appropriate in our house.  We can relate to the movie well, since we live in Indiana.  Also, we have the movie playing many times throughout the holiday season.  We hope by sharing our pictures, it will help future generations keep the movie alive for many years to come.  Merry Christmas to all.
The Smith Family
Kokomo, Indiana


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