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Actors From A Christmas Story Reunite in Cleveland

October 20th, 2005 by Ralphie

October 20, 2005




Actors From 1983 Classic A Christmas Story Reunite in Cleveland to Raise Funds for Restoration of House Showcased in the Film



            For the first time in 22 years actors from the holiday cult classic, A Christmas Story, will reunite to help raise funds for restoring the Cleveland house where much of the movie was filmed. In addition to appearances by cast members who played the kid characters, Randy, Flick, and Scut Farkus (plus their teacher, Miss Shield) — the Higbee department store Christmas window featured in the movie will be recreated.

            The nostalgic reunion will take place over Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 25, 26 and 27) in a series of events that also includes tours of the house, a downtown parade and tree lighting ceremony and several stage performances of A Christmas Story at the Cleveland Play House. Additionally, a return of the film to the big screen at Cleveland’s Tower City Cinemas, plus a display of movie memorabilia at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, are also scheduled.

            The house that served as the movie’s centerpiece was purchased recently on ebay by Brian Jones of San Diego, a devout fan and former Navy lieutenant who went into business making and selling exact replicas of the leg lamp that graced the home’s front window in the movie.  

Jones has sold nearly 4,000 of the sleek lighted limbs through his company, using the profits to begin restoring the house to its original appearance with the goal of converting it into a non-profit museum dedicated solely to the movie.

His efforts have extended to creating a web site for the house, (, while bringing together some of the movie’s pivotal characters for the upcoming events in Cleveland, which are detailed on the web site. Accommodation packages at the Renaissance Hotel, located next to the Higbee building, are also available through the web site. ***

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“‘A Christmas Story’ house getting renovated”, October 14, 2005, NBC, Cleveland

October 15th, 2005 by Ralphie

Link to Original Story by Dan Stadler

CLEVELAND — If you rebuild it — they will come. That’s the hope of a California man, who is turning the house in Cleveland where the classic, A Christmas Story was filmed into a museum.
And no one had to triple dog dare him either.

But there’s a lot of work ahead before any one walks down memory lane.

Contractor Mike Foster’s job is to figure out the movie blueprint and rebuild the Christmas Story house on West 11th Street, the way we know it.

“The biggest challenge is getting that floor plan and getting this exactly right,? Foster says. ?Nail it on the head.”

He could use a little code-cracking help and a lot of direction from Brian Jones.

Jones owns the home and makes his living selling reproduction leg lamps ? just like the ones featured in the movie.

Jones went frame by frame through the movie, capturing images and making prints for the contractor to follow.

Movie extra, Jim Moralevitz still lives in the same neighborhood where the movie was filmed 22 years ago.

Moralevitz says people from all over the U.S. already come to see the house.

He only sees one problem with the future museum.

I just want to know where everybody is going to park?” he asks.

Jones is working on that. The short-term plan is to open the house to the public for tours this Thanksgiving to coincide with a fundraiser for renovations.

The renovations could take six months.

This Thanksgiving, three child actors and Ralphy?s teacher from the movie are scheduled to come to Cleveland to raise money for the home’s restoration.

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