2016 Charity Auction Winners!


December 21, 2016


The winning eBay bid for the “Spend Christmas in A Christmas Story House” charity auction came in at $4,000, and 100% of the proceeds benefit A Christmas Story House Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps restore and maintain Ralphie’s neighborhood. This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows the winner to spend two nights in A Christmas Story House; waking up on Christmas morning fully immersed in the A Christmas Story glory, the soft glow of electric sex illuminating the living room as they unwrap their gifts. The winners will have many other perks including over $800 in gifts from A Christmas Story House Gift Shop, a Major Award of their own, and a day absorbed in Cleveland where they get to visit the Great Lakes Science Center, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jack Casino, and spend an additional night at the beautiful Renaissance Cleveland Hotel.

This year the winners are Chris and Alessha Kuhn, from Walker, Louisiana. This once-in-a-lifetime experience was purchased by Alessha for her “A Christmas Story” super fan husband as a holiday gift. The couple have both have worked for over a decade at the Baton Rouge Police Department, and lost 3 colleagues and friends in the high profile shootings in July. As if those events alone weren’t enough, in August their hometown was hit with several days of non-stop torrential rain which caused devastating flooding and damage to their home. For about 2 months, the Kuhns and their dogs were essentially homeless as they slept on an air mattress in a vacant office at work. Their experiences and the tragedies in 2016 changed their mindsets about living life to the fullest, and bidding on a stay in A Christmas Story House was a must do! They have watched the auction for the past 5 years, day dreaming of one day winning! “A Christmas Story” is such a tradition in the Kuhn household, that a sadness overtakes their house after that last airing of “A Christmas Story” on the 24 hour marathon. This year they look forward to reliving their favorite movie scene by scene, and living out their own personal movie marathon! They are looking forward to closing out 2016 with wonderful memories and a fresh start in 2017!

The auction winners will be available for interviews on Saturday, December 24th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at A Christmas Story House. Media is invited to come and hold their interviews at this time. For the winners’ privacy, this is the only time they will be available to speak to the media.

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